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Our internet portal is the gate to our Telematics world, which you can open with your personal user name and password. Around the clock, you can find information about your rented fleet and your entire fleet upon request. Finally, our Telematics service is a sign of quality, completely in keeping with our full-service claim. Our Telematics service provides a whole series of benefits:

Verbrauchs- und Verschleißdaten / Alarmmeldungen

Consumption and wear data / alarms


  • When safety-relevant parts start to wear out, the Telematics unit will immediately trigger an alarm.
  • The alarms - such as for insufficient brake pads - are then consistently followed up, allowing intervention before a damage event occurs.
  • You will be notified immediately after the alarm is triggered and can drive right away to a garage for repairs.
Pro Telematik

Pro Telematics


  • The Pro Telematics functional block we provide our rental customers with an excellent tool to avoid down times. And without any added costs! The proactive and preventative maintenance solution is one of six service functional blocks included in a lease agreement.
  • Telematics provides permanent vehicle data and sends them at least once a day to our system.
  • In doing so the maintenance interval can be better controlled, avoid time in the garage and keeping downtimes to a minimum.
Positionsdaten, Tourenverlauf und Geokreise

Position data, tour courses and geo districts


  • The current position of the vehicles are presented on a digital map. 
  • Based on the information the route tour can be traced at any time.
  • Using the geofencing function, automatic notifications can be generated if a vehicle enters a specific zone or leaves one.
TeleMatics®- Reports

Telematics®- Reports


  • The Telematics® reports show you improvement potential regarding the driving at the press of a button.
  • All data relevant to economical driving from the deployment analysis shall be presented and evaluated.

Driver map download


  • The driver map download makes it possible to comply with the legal requirements for extracting driver map regardless of location of the vehicle. 
  • The driver can use external map reader to transmit his digital driver map at regular intervals »over the air« to the MAN TeleMatics® headquarters. 
  • The data was archived along with a digital signature for up to 24 months.
  • The driver map files saved in MAN TeleMatics® using a defined interface for previously available assessment and archiving programs.



  • Display of remaining driving periods of the deployed driver in the fleet monitor at MAN TeleMatics® provides the dispatchers with additional planning security and eases the monitoring of the driving and rest period. 
  • The dispatcher can thus see at a glance whether a driver can continue with his tour or not. 
  • The DTCO data about the remaining driving time is automatically sent from the vehicle at regular intervals. 
  • In addition the dispatcher can ask about the remaining driving period at any time.
  • All vehicles in our leased fleet - whether tractors units
  • or semi-trailers - come equipped with Telematics systems.
  • Then there is the suitable service package which provides you with extensive information. 
  • Localization, monitoring of the refrigeration chain and recognition of vehicle loads - you have a constant overview of the current status for your entire fleet and load.