Fair vehicle returns:

When returning the vehicle, its status is fairly and transparently assessed. In the process we differentiate between violent and wear damage Damage catalogue

Your vehicle return coverage:

Be protected from unforeseen return costs. Our offer: you pay a defined amount each month ahead of time over the entire lease to provide a financial cushion. At the time of the return, this financial cushion is used to cover any return costs. As a basis for fair vehicle assessment when returning, we use the damage catalogue. Any damage shall be assessed and compiled in a loss-value assessment. Should a higher “FairBack Cushion” be compiled than the return costs, the difference will be reimbursed.


The vehicle return procedure: Fair and transparent

  • Rent the vehicle to one of the more than 70 rental depots.
  • Using the electronic check-in procedure the vehicle return is performed using an electronic hand-held device.
  • Kilometre count is noted, damage is photographed and documented.
  • Hand out of the return protocol including detailed record of the vehicle status.
  • A certified appraisal of the loss in value is then generated by a neutral expert based on check-in and check-out protocols.
  • The appraisal forms the basis for the final invoices and repairs.
  • Transparent calculation based on the damage catalogue
  • The charges are assessed daily.
  • Optional possibilities for independent repair prior to return
  • Integration of new repair concepts such as Smart Repair

We also make sure the return of your vehicle is uncomplicated, quick and easy. Our special focus is on:

Clarity during return process prior to the lease start. We provide our customers an extensive online damage catalogue in order to estimate the claims exceeding normal wear and thus their overall costs in overview.
The vehicle status and possible damage are extensively documented in a return protocol. Objectivity. In order to assess the claims, we rely on the objective assessment of independent vehicle experts, who use clear evaluation criteria.
Objective evaluation criteria to determine which damage results from normal wear and which are do not. Normal wear is not included.
Understandable and binding documentation from the return process through photo documentation of the damage.