We take a holistic view of fleet management. In order to reduce administrative expenses, our service concept includes a series of added-value services, which we offer in cooperation with renowned companies. We combine these building blocks into a full-service mix, which is perfectly suited to your needs. It boosts your competitiveness and secures your constant mobility and flexibility. Our three service packages of Business, Premium and First Class provide a suitable service solution for every requirement and provide a large number of services, which can be expanded as requested through optional service functional blocks. Select your individual service scope!

Service lines: Business Premium First Class
Claims management optional optional
Tire Care optional optional
Road toll service optional optional
MAN TeleMatics® Basic
(Upgrade in 3 phases)
tyre wear optional
24-h breakdown service
Replacement vehicles
Maintenance and repair contract

Our service portfolio

Our service for your fleet - you can order our services to meet your demands! Click here to discover our service options.

In this service we make the claim assessment, management and processing. This includes the vehicle removal, repair, organizing a replacement vehicle and management with the insurer. More

All incurred costs for a flat tire including force majeur damage and possible towing and emergency service costs are covered ahead of time with the tire care. Your tire damage will be repaired quickly and problem free or attach new tires.

At your request we will take care of the time-intense toll invoicing, provide an on-board unit (OBU) and registering of the rental vehicle.

Manufacturer-independent Telematics solutions for trucks and trailers, which provides extensive information and thus allows for the professional coordination of the vehicles and determination of potential savings. More

All costs for tire replacement are covered for a tire replacement for normal wear during the entire rental term.
Quick and direct help in the event of a breakdown. Wherever you happen to be travelling, our 24-hour emergency hotline will guarantee you can quickly continue your journey. The costs for repairs on site or the towing services to the next garage will be covered.
Should the time in the shop exceed 8 hours, we will provide you with a free replacement vehicle within a short period of time. Alternatively a rental equipment voucher can be issued for the down time.

Two maintenance and repair contracts are available:

  • ComfortPlus: Maintenance and expanded drive train guarantee
  • ComfortSuper: Maintenance and repair including wear repairs