Thanks to our special protection lines, you always have top coverage. Our extensive experience and expertise provide you with security and reliability when planning costs. The fully comprehensive coverage covers all claims, which are caused by an accident as well as auxiliary coverage expansion depending on the protection lines.

Discover our fully comprehensive coverage in brief:

Fully comprehensive coverage: Silver Gold
Brake, transmission and damage from breakage, buckling and twist damage.
Removal and towing costs
Third-party embezzlement
Costs for rush, express and air freight as well as flight costs
GAP coverage optional
Train, ferry and environmental risks optional
Fire and explosion
Loss through theft and robbery
Storms, hail, lightening strikes, avalanches (not roof avalanches), flooding
Collisions with animals
Glass breakage and glass repairs
Short circuits in wiring
Animal bites including consequent damage
Accident damage
Intentional or malicious acts by third parties
Select deductible
You have a choice when selecting your deductible:
€ 1,000; €2,500 or €5,000 deductible
Tyre Care optional optional
Liability coverage with €1,000 deductible optional optional