Pay per Use

If you barely use the leased vehicles during low volume months, you can use pay-for-use to temporarily lower the monthly leasing rate. The difference is then the netted from the regular lease payment.

How does it work?

  • Processing by your rental advisor
  • Tracking with Telematics

Sample invoice:
Let's assume you have rented a construction vehicle for 12 months and pay a lease fee of €2,000 / month. Due to the reduced order volume in winter (Nov-Dec.) you only have to pay a reduced lease of €500/ month thanks to the pay-to-use option.

The difference (2x €1,500 = €3,000) is then distributed over the remaining ten months. The monthly lease payment thus increases €2,000 + € 300 = €2,300 for the remainder of the lease.

Please note:
The seasonality of business shall be taken into account when drafting the lease.