When several vehicles are leased, kilometre pooling is also possible. This is a variable pooling of the mileage. Your kilometre pool is the total from adding all the operating time for your leased vehicles. You are free to use your pool. Depending on the order situation, you can distribute the free kilometres among the vehicles and then uses them more flexibly.

An example:
10 leased vehicles are leased for 36 months and mileage count of 130 thousand KM a year. The total kilometre pool for the fleet is thus 3,900 thousand KM for 36 months.

During the lease, five vehicles travelled 140,000 km a year and five vehicles travelled 120,000 km a year. Over the entire three year lease the entire fleet travelled 2,100 + 1,800 thousand kilometres = 3,900 thousand kilometres. 

Thanks to the kilometre pooling 3,900 thousand kilometres are available and the excessive and reduced kilometre counts even out.

Please note:

  • Variable pooling of mileage is possible for fleets of 10 vehicles and more.
  • Maximum pooling for a range of ± 10.000 km p.a. per vehicle classes.
  • The count is made quarterly for the vehicles retired in the previous quarter.