Renting as clever investment alternative.

Mobility and flexibility are vital to your company's success. As a freight forwarder, shipper and logistics service provider rent can help you reduce risk in the constantly growing transport sector. Targeted action and securing the future is now becoming ever more difficult with ever more ad-hoc transport orders and short contract terms. And because the investment risk associated with investing in the newest vehicle technology is extremely high due to the volatile market, you will soon find "renting" is a clever alternative to investment!


Maximum flexibility. Maximum success.

With MAN Rental/ EURO-Leasing you can simply lease your way to success! Regardless of whether for short, medium or long term: contemporary concepts create maximum flexibility for your fleet. We combine the latest vehicle technology with flexible rental and Version options. We can provide you with fully individual vehicle plans and designs. We can help spare your finances and nerves and make your fleet easier to manage. Our process-optimized performance packet delivers efficiency, reliable service with mobility guarantee, full cost transparency and a fixed monthly calculation basis.