EURO-Leasing Telematics – As flexible and economical as renting.

The use of our multi-manufacturer Telematics solutions lets our customers easily find potential savings and implement improvements. The constant availability of precise data allows not only improvements to average fuel consumption but also the exact record of the required ramp times. The latter is particularly important if freight forwarders want to discuss how to improve processing times.

The use of Telematics improves the information flow and helps increase the level of service. Workshop visits can thus be better coordinated with route planning. In addition the down time for repairs is minimized, meaning customers can have the highest possible availability of the rental asset.

In our view, uniform, pan-European tariffs, which can also be flexibly activated and deactivated, are the optimal solution to provide customers a risk-free solution and further increase fleet efficiency.

Everything in view with a few clicks

The great strength of the new Telematics solution is user friendliness. The benefits start with activation. After you have rented one or more vehicles, we will send you an email with an activation link. Simply visit the site in the Telematics portal, register and activate the vehicle. You’re done! You can open the data about your vehicle within 24 hours. Also: both activation and deactivation of your vehicle is free of charge. The Telematics fees are charged separately in the monthly rental invoice. In addition you can also decide how long you want to use the Telematics regardless of the lease agreement. Another plus is our many years of experience working with Telematics. As early as 2007, we equipped all vehicles with this technology, while many of our competitors are just starting.

Current data for even more efficient fleet.

The data from the rented vehicles shall be recorded around the clock in the portal. The information includes the type of semi-trailers and trailer as well as the motorized units. You receive messages every 15 minutes – with the vehicle position for example. Upon request, shorter reporting intervals are possible. In addition, you have constant access to data from the EBS, the cooling unit and the vehicle management system and you can permanently monitor and archive temperature data during refrigerated transports.


  • Current position data on route presented on a digital map
  • Temperatures, cooling unit data ***
  • Speed information about their vehicle in the submission rhythm
  • Data about the status/ energy consumption in the battery
  • Portal door status of your semi-trailer

Active alarm notification**, monitoring**

  • Of geographical areas
  • Of door openers ***
  • Of cooling unit data *** (set point, operated mode etc.)
  • The temperature sensor *** (temperatures in the structure)
  • The coupling status *** (attached/unattached)

Vehicle list**

  • Manage all units at the vehicle level
  • The user controls the assignment of geographical areas, alarms and vehicle groups via the vehicle list
  • Alarm controls (activate/deactivate of alarms) at the vehicle level

** Fully automated notification of the user in certain events or changes of status per email.

*** Services only with corresponding equipment to the vehicle.

Support hotline: 01806 - 862 842 / 01806 - TMATIC
(€0.20/ call from land lines, mobile networks maximum €0.60/call)