We have a broad range of trucks in the local and distributor segments. We have just the right vehicle to suit your needs; In addition to 7.5 and 12 ton truck we have rounded our portfolio with heavier vehicles in the 15 and 18 ton class and lighter 3.5 ton vehicles. The rental portfolio includes tarpaulin/flat bed, box body or refrigerated box bodies. In addition to the different body versions, the vehicles are also available with pharmaceutical qualification and large customer equipment for sub-contractors.

Our goal is to provide vehicles perfectly suited to your needs. We also make sure our vehicles are low-consumption and efficient. All distributor vehicles thus come equipped with EURO 6 diesel engines. Distribution transport


Local transport basic version

  • C-Compact cab
  • Cruise control
  • Air conditioner
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • ABS
  • ASR
  • ESP
  • RINGFEDER 4040 G 145B trailer hitch
  • MAN TipMatic®
  • MAN BrakeMatic® 
  • Air-suspension driver's seat

Our new MAN TGM and TGL vehicles help your business succeed

  • Highest energy efficiency and reliability
  • Reliable technology, low fuel consumption, high productivity
  • Compact, manoeuvrable, comfortable, economical
  • Ergonomic and helpful for drivers
  • Active and passive safety through intelligent driver assistance and safety systems.
  • Best values for fuel consumption through proven engine and exhaust technology – and with minimal AdBlue® consumption.
  • High torque, low fuel consumption
  • Highest environmental friendliness without extra consumption
  • High payloads and perfect body design
  • Maximum loading flexibility and optimal weight category