EURO-Leasing GmbH

We offer suitable mobility for the transport and logistics industry. Our vehicle portfolio ranges from high-quality standard vehicles over individual customer requirements with our own design to industry-specific vehicles. We have over 130 rental depots throughout Germany, others in Denmark, Sweden, Poland and France. Customers can rent vehicles from 1 day to longer durations with flexible exit options. The modular system gives the customer the opportunity to equip the vehicles individually with the required services. From repair & maintenance to attractive protection products and full service support incl. Repair and damage management, vehicle replacement, tire wear, tire care and replacement vehicle, as well as optimal fleet management and proactive maintenance control. Customers can put together their optimal rental solution from the entire product and service portfolio.

Our range of services extends from the purchase of new vehicles to leasing and the professional marketing of young used vehicles in Germany and abroad. As a commercial vehicle dealer with many years of international experience, we always meet high quality standards. Since our used cars come from the rental, we know our vehicles exactly. The extensive selection of young used cars leads from different truck models over semi-trailers with all body types up to trailers, carriages and chassis.

EURO-Leasing GmbH was founded in 1997 and has been part of Volkswagen Financial Services AG since January 1, 2014. This is Europe's largest automotive financial services provider and with more than 15,000 employees active in around 50 countries.

Closeness to our customers, responsibility, trust, courage and enthusiasm are the central principles of our management and corporate culture. They support us on our way in our strategy to become the best automotive financial service provider in the world by 2025. Bound to this is our philosophy of being on the constant lookout for improvements and active implementation of the changes these involve. We believe that we can only achieve our goals if we all pitch in – with balanced give-and-take between employees and the company. In concrete terms, this means: the company offers job and earnings security, a comprehensive range of training qualifications and, in accordance with our strategy, the environment of a TOP employer. Our employees show a willingness to accept change, flexibility, a high desire to achieve qualifications, and make an active contribution towards increasing the productivity of their work.

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Closeness to our customers

We don’t just want to talk about our customers – we want to talk TO them, any time, whenever they wish. We regard every contact with our customers as an opportunity. This is why we actively collect feedback from them. We regularly survey our customer base, vehicle dealerships and business customers all over Germany about their satisfaction with our products and services.




Courage is a prerequisite for developing and implementing new ideas. As we want to remain the innovation leader in the industry, we need courage. Courageous practice means a proactive approach to changes and reasonable risks. Our employees champion their convictions openly and constructively. They are supported by their managers in implementing their ideas.




Our internal and external customers ought to feel that we’re enthusiastic in our support for them. We promote a positive attitude and make for a friendly working atmosphere. We also generate passion and lifeblood for our tasks and customers.




Success is always a team effort, towards which each and every one of us makes an important contribution every single day. Part of successful working includes every individual taking personal responsibility for their subjects and work results. Managers take on responsibility and ensure that everyone pulls together. That we’re on the right path is shown by our position in the workplace competition “Great Place To Work”. For the second time in succession, we’ve been awarded first place in our size class. The award takes the results of employee surveys into consideration. Its requirements include management credibility and respect and fairness in the treatment of employees.




Trust is the foundation on which our working relationship is based. Trust can only evolve in a dialogue. That’s why it’s important to be open and honest with one another – by means of direct feedback with clear messages. To this end, we use our internal employee mood-barometer survey which, every year, reflects the current mood of our workforce and is the point of departure for discussions about areas for improvement. We also ask our employees for their opinions on their line managers. Both tools serve to continuously improve our day-to-day relationships.


In addition to its rental activities in Germany, EURO-Leasing’s primary focus is on expansion in the countries of Poland, Denmark, Sweden and France, looking in the future towards further internationalisation by 2025.


At the IAA 2016, we were presented with the telematics award in the category “Telematics-based rental”. The telematics award distinguishes outstanding development achievements and solutions in the area of telematics. Learn more about our telematics here.